Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Sabbath.

Sometimes you go to church and fall asleep. It's ok, because sometimes the Bishopric do it too. I fell asleep during the sacrament blessing of the water. I snorted myself awake and looked around to see if those near me heard anything. Hubba was smiling back at me from the floor where she was eating M&Ms.

It was a rough day at church. Sharing time was what I imagined Hell to be like. The teacher got overwhelmed and since you can't drop F-Bombs in church to elementary aged children, I had to play flappy birds on my tablet to avoid it all. None of my nieces and nephews were there today, but they will all be there next week when I teach and will only add to the drama. Looking forward to it as much as one would look forward to a vinegar & baking soda enema.

Today is a 'loading' day aka cheat day. Tyler had hers on Thursday .. and Friday, yesterday and probably today. This doesn't amount to failure when you are trying to watch your food intake, in Tylers case it does, but I won't judge. Cheat days are something to look forward to. It's all psychological. If you're not looking forward to something during the week, you'll binge eat. I don't cheat with chocolate and soda pop, I'm cheating by using milk in my sauces and flour as thickener.

Sometimes you have to have cheat days just to reward yourself for getting through another week of sharing time at church.

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