Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No time for photos.

School is full on. I didn't expect it to be this full on.
Do you know what the anatomical term for a big toe is? Hallux.
Did you know the thigh is not a part of the leg? For real.
Did you know the arm is techincally from the shoulder to the elbow? True story.
All very interesting, but Science is boggling me and I'm not the only one.
Fishing on Saturday with the Parentals.

The angel.

That's a lolly not a binky. Not in her wildest dreams.

The biggest watermelon of the summer. My Uncle dropped it off earlier. He grew it and it wasn't the biggest one he had to offer. I thought it was a pumpkin at first.

Now that Tyler has moved out, Hubba has a new, bigger room.

She loves it. I thought she'd want to sleep with me tonight because of the newness, but no.
She's a big girl.

The colour of the carpet can't be helped.
Last day of school for the week tomorrow. Oh how I'm looking forward to BBQ Saturday.

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