Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It begins and ends with water

Is water an acid or a base?
It sits in the middle of the pH scale suggesting both and that's the correct answer.
Water both donates and accepts protons.

I figured it out today.
When Larry died, I quickly accepted Tyler as my proton. She donated herself to another living arrangement and now she's gone. In 447 days, she went from being an acid to a base.

The grief kicked in around the middle of last week, when I realised he was really gone. Tyler's acidity kept that grief at bay by just being here and giving me reason not to think about it. I must not cry in front of these children, and for 447 days I was fine. Aunty Gabriel said, the day we buried him, that the worst was yet to come.

It's here.
I fret for the man who both irritated me and bought me rays of light on stormy days. I cannot deal with school carrying this hardship, but then I hear him whisper in my ear - in the voice of the dude from Water Boy - "You can do it".

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