Saturday, February 1, 2014

FEB - One step closer to rugby heaven.

If I didn't have a sick child today, I'd be on my way to Masterton right now for the Blues vs Highlanders game. It's a curtain raiser to the upcoming season. My gut twists because my desire to go is unbearable - and it's Stake Conference weekend at church and I won't be missed - and butterflies flutter because my withdrawals are being drip-fed. It's ok. I keep telling myself that Six-Nations begins this weekend and everything will be a-ok. Highlanders played, and beat, Brumbies last night down south for their pre-season super rugby game 15-11. Despite I'm in Hurricane territory, my heart is with the Crusaders. Their game is next weekend in Motueka vs Highlanders. I have a cousin in Motueka making it tempting, but Sevens are that weekend in Waipukarau.

This year in rugby, players will need to make it count because next year is Rugby World Cup and they'll all need to have their game on for selection. This was the reason for McCaws sabbatical. It was all for RWC 2015.

I love rugby.

Good Intent by Kimbra to start the day.

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