Sunday, February 9, 2014

Comfort Food.

Shaily joined us today for our traditional Sunday lunch. I only invited her because I need her to babysit next Friday because I have a valentines date. We tested ourselves this week to see if we could not go to Pak n Save every day and rather use ALL our weeks worth of food up instead of wasting money heading in to town to get a meal worth of ingredients. You'll be surprised what you come up with when you test yourself. It makes me think that when I win the lotto and move my orange house, it will be ok to move it right out to nowhere-land because I can survive on only going to the supermarket once a week. Michelle goes everyday. Sometimes she goes 'for a look'. Who goes to the supermarket to browse!? Mitchy.

Loading day and what a load it was.

Happy Anniversary to The Livians. I hope you can taste it through the picture. I would have invited you both, but you have too many kids.

The Livian made it home safely for his week off AND it's their anniversary today - 12 years.
Two words.
9 months.
Thanks for Hubba's new dresses. She needs rugby boots!


Me said...

Having a date on valentines day reminds me of 30 rock where Liz has a valentines date with jon Hamm. Hope its better than, or at least as hilarious as, that!

CamillaS said...

It's with my friend Kath :) Her husband can't make it to a church activity ;)

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