Thursday, February 13, 2014

Being late & petrol

I got a taste of what being late was like this morning. Being late for church doesn't count, add in the hymns and the opening prayer, late is when you miss taking the sacrament. It's something I am usually on top of, bar the fact that I'm not really a morning person.

If Hubba eats after 6, she'll go to bed later. She's a 10+ hour sleeper, anything before that is like unleashing the Kraken on an idle ship.

I just need to go to bed earlier, but I enjoy my late nights when she's asleep, Tylers asleep and the TV belongs to me for an hour or two.

Orientation tomorrow. It starts at 8.30am, but the compulsory part doesn't begin till 10.30am and it's only for an hour. 12 miles for an hour.

Confirmed: I'm dumb at math.

Convert all that to NZD, it's $35.
I was off by $15.

Do not want to car pool with people who will enjoy the free ride to school. Just keeping it real. Solo parent with 2 freeloaders. Taxi's aren't free.


Me said...

get an electric car, thats way too much money for gas. thats like, california expensive.

Me said...

also, i'm not good at math either, but i think that might not be right. however, i dont understand metric fluid measurements. but i started calculating it, and it seems like your tank would be too big?

such litres. much conversion. much confuse. metric, wow.

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