Friday, February 21, 2014

Adding to the school stats.

I only have school 4 times a week.
12 weeks x 4 days per week = 48 days.
I did 4 this week.
44 more days of school this semester left.

I think anyone can be a Nurse, despite your attitude in life. The communications classes change your mind about how you interact with people - in my case after 3 hours of the class, I can now bring myself to initiating a greeting with a stranger. Service with a smile. Sociology took away the 'you stupid coconut' attitude, because you need it to work with who you're about to work with .. but the best part?

... today is Friday and not only my day off, but Super Rugby has begun.
Crusaders play Chiefs tonight at 7.35pm.
McCaw will man the ship.
He's been talking retirement after the 2015 RWC. As long as he's there next year, I don't care what he does in 2016.

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