Monday, February 10, 2014

A day of trauma.

Not a nurse yet, but when Corals hand got fractured on the school bus she came to me first bypassing her mother's, her grandmother's, and great grandmother's houses. She tried to tell me the story, but she talks at light speed normally. When you add pain and panic, it becomes induced babble. I got stuck with the emergency department trip. Two hours with three kids in tow.

The hospital turns my 'be a nurse' idea back into a swing decision and I question it all over again, but I ran into two of Larry's nurses and the doctor who stayed with him in the ICU the night before he died. I did not get the normal feeling today to rethink nursing, but instead I received an imaginary shove in the direction to follow it through.

Coral and hand will be ok.

Visited my Aunty who came out of surgery at 7pm. She's the bravest person I know right now. Her determination to live and love boosts me to enjoy my next 3 years (2 if I am able to complete 2 semesters over 2 summers).

I do love my family, 60% more today than I did yesterday.

The strongest person I know right now.

Happy Birthday to Aunty Hop who would have been 81 today.
Miss your whistling and your unhealthy serving of jam on toast.

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