Friday, January 3, 2014

What's your New Years resolution?

While everyone else is making never ending lists re: their new years resolutions, mine is simple.

To health and happiness and much can be categorized under these headings.

What happens this year, if out of my reach, is not my problem.
What other people do, if against my better judgement, is not my problem.
What I do and how I do it, is my business.
If you can't resolve it, forget it.

I've spent too long catering to the needs of others and it's not made me healthy or happy. People aid, but in the same breath people ask.

2013 was a year for family, because if I ever needed them the most, it was last year. Still need them, but not in that same extent. I need to feed my soul before I feed theirs.

And that's my new years resolution.
Health and Happiness.

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