Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Applying for scholarships is a repetitious affair. 2014 applications aren't out yet, but looking over the process for 2013, it's tedious. Taiwhenua are not offering scholarships this year. That only leaves me guessing what's up after the year they had last year. Applications won't be released until early Feb. I have a whole month yet to do some serious scholarship surveillance to find them all.

Fiorenza's cupcakes.
Lemony and delish.



New Zealand changed the laws on the warrant of fitness for cars, effective now. If your car is 10 years old or less, warrants are now valid for a year and not 6 months. This is good news. I hate any car inspections. Rego is still $77 every 3 months. Why can't NZ be like California where we paid $54 per year for the rego an $40 for a smog test, which was required once a year.

Sometimes .. New Zealand sucks.

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