Thursday, January 23, 2014


Thanks Mummy Mitchy for my new rug.
These kind of photos are only enjoyed by my sister who likes to see order in her Hubba-Lush's room. Moved her bed away from the window, in prep for winter, and thought she'd enjoy the show now she has a clear view of the hallway and into the lounge, but no.

We bored her and she was asleep within 5 minutes of climbing into bed.

Papa Greg, I bet you can't make a wheel to spin the song for sharing time ...
His reply.
I bet you can't make tortilla bowls for my dinner I'm hosting on Friday.

He's catching on.

Papa Greg, I bet you can't buy my Nurses uniform for school.
Got the ugly thing today.
He's the best.
My Mum things I'm a con .. I'll bet her that she can't buy my nurse shoes next week.

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