Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Weekend.

The weekend started with beans on Friday. The vintage cheddar and dutch Gouda cheese board from Christmas came in handy for the top.
Gouda + refried beans = muy bien.

El Paso's whole grain tortillas aren't the greatest invention ever. If you're going to have a tortilla, it may as well be anything but wholegrain.

Wholegrain corn chips.

The color, when deep fried, was almost green and the El Paso salsa in a tube is even worse. I should know better.
I'm ashamed.

Brother 1 goes back to Australia tomorrow for his first 2014 stint. 26 days. The last 4 weeks have been unstructured and unsettled because Dad comes home to his 6 kids and ruins what Mum has done for the past month. Hubba included. She'll get a rude awakening in the morning. Her 2014 schedule begins tomorrow and she will comply. Due to circumstances that I shall mention at a later date, Mitchy will not be enrolling in school this year. This bodes well for me and my schedule.
Hello babysitter.

Primary 2014.
Something seriously needed to be done in Primary. Our kids are zombies and it doesn't help that we've spent the last year with minimal resources and support. I took matters into my own hands. Our kids need to enjoy Primary and they deserve the best. So Parents, when your children come home with assignment cards for sharing time devotionals, help them out! Sounds like our ward is heading in a good direction this year, we just need to follow through and support. That last sentence does not apply to me and talking assignments. It's still a no in 2014.

Family dinner before Brother 1 heads out tomorrow.

Tashi's signature dish .. vege casserole. I had to fight over it with Brother 3.

Hubba eating watermelon with Papa Greg. He got her a round table this week too.

Rhubarb sponge.

Hilly Billy Heaven.

Shooting unripened apricots lined up on the fence.

Shaily got a kickback in her brow.
Good one.

Ended with the chandy.

Texts from Sister.
I must explain in brief. She's regimental and she scares Mitchy. If you do anything out of her ordinary, she flips her lid. Fondling her carpet with your toes at her house sends her over the edge. Being on time is a whooooole 'nother game. That's when you see her go from pleasant to psychotic in less time it takes for you to blink and there have been a few of these over the last few months. I've had to talk her off the ladder every time. She called tonight while we were all eating dinner at the Parentals. She wanted to know where Brother 1 was because he was due into Auckland at 8pm and she was waiting for him at the bus station. I knew to check my messages (phone was in the car), sure enough.

I love them all, mucho, but they're all fricken nuts.

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