Friday, January 3, 2014

The other Uncle Clarry.

One of the missionaries who converted Mitchy nearly 12 years ago is visiting the country from the USA with his family. I had a little to do with him during my time in the States. It was limited to delivering NZ consumables after trips I'd take home.

They have 4 children with one on the way. He married a Tongan girl and I swear he's a Maori trapped in a white mans body.

When they left Mitchy told me Hubba sat on his lap for quite a while this evening, just sitting there very content. She said the accent, the size and the beard probably made him seem like Larry to her.

I asked Hubba on the way home tonight who she was sitting on at Nans house.

"That's Uncle Clarry. My other Uncle Clarry is in heaven, but he's another Uncle Clarry, but not my other Uncle Clarry. He's still in heaven".

I wish I had a photo of it .. but I was inside pretending to be interested in Bull Riding and being anti-social.

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