Thursday, January 16, 2014

The attempt to change.

January sucks because it's fresh. A fresh start for that new beginning you promised yourself right before that fourth bowl of steam pudding and custard at Christmas lunch. I told myself I'd divorce chocolate & carbs in 2014, but everyone got eachother boxes of Favourites for christmas.

You know the sound a lion makes in the middle of the African Safari when they call to gather their pride?
Carbs call my name.
For real.

When Jan 1st hit, I said I'd start on Monday.
When Monday the 7th came, and we had FHE and dinner, I said I'd start next Monday. When we had potluck with all the bells and whistles on Sunday just gone, I told my brother I'd start on Monday.

Food holds a family together as much as Love does and this fact doesn't help.

I started on Monday.
Have not had chocolate, switched the bread out to something-wheaty-ultra-grain-tastes-like-something-you'd-feed-to-chickens bread. Toast that ish for a second too long and you'll blow up your toaster.

Went to Uncle Bills yesterday for preserving jars. The TGIF Fridays onion rings called my name.

Yeah, I'll start on Monday.

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