Friday, January 10, 2014

Secrets of the stones.

My drive way is all gravel. 50 meters of it, give or take a few. It's gravel because when Aunty Marva moved into the house 35 years ago, the gravel would act as a warning so you'd know someone was coming up the drive way. Apply the same theory to the roses outside the bedroom windows and the random rocks on the side of the house.

There's a prowler in the community and my gravel drive way holds the secret of who exactly it is. We live rural, it's likely it's someone coming to check out what rural tools they can take. Either way, I could hear it all a few nights ago. Foot steps up my drive that stopped near a window, probably to look in, then made their way to the back. Where I sat was not in their direct line of sight if they had looked through the gap in the blinds.
As you can see, it's enough to see enough.

Who knew that 2004 would come in handy. It was a time when TLCs, "While You Were Out" ran marathons all day inspiring me .. that and carpenter Andrew Dan Jumbo.

Problem solved.

Downgraded my table. Needed the space. The 35 year old table that preceded this one now lives on Mas veranda. It was hard to do, again with the sentimental ish, but it had to be done.

Now whatcha looking at Mr. Prowler?
Cheaper than an alarm system.

Papa Greg, I bet you can't install security lights on the four corners of my house.
I do not care if the prowler steals my wheel barrow.

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Me said...

I've had this happen ever place I ever lived, sometimes they even tried to get in. I often slept with a baseball bat and/ knife and carried mace with me. I will take bitches DOWN. be safe!

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