Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday at home.

It was too hot to go anywhere today. I don't do beaches, lest sand pervert my car, and my hair always looks like a tumbleweed after a day out there making it a bit of a bitch to brush. We were minus one  and made the most of it by cleaning the house and doing laundry.
Cleaning has been awol since christmas.

Un-cobwebbed the lounge and photos.

When you tell a 20 year old to clean her room, you'd think it motivation to get on top of that.
She got on top, fell asleep then gave up.
Can't clean her room, but certain she'll make a great wife .. riiiiight.

Cleaned the childs room.

Mine is always clean.

Even the bathroom got treated.

A hot afternoon that called for some chilled ceviche.

Did not win the lotto tonight.

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Me said...

I cleaned our whole house, which is the size of a room :) that's about what I've always wanted. Less stuff yo have to clean up :)

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