Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rome on Tattoos.

Rome: Dad, you have a tattoo on your neck that says Westside.

He really does. It was a phase he went through when he thought he was, seriously, a homie.

Rome: Mum has a tick on her foot. Ness said it's a waka, but I can see the tick.

I won't even go there with Mitchy and her tattoos.

Rome: Aunty, why do you have Japanese tattoos if you aren't Japanese?
Me: Maybe I am Japanese.
Rome: But I thought we were Kiwis.
Me: I eat sushi. I think I'm Japanese.
Rome: Why does everyone have tattoos and go to church?
Me: Jesus loves all.
Rome: Because Aunty Rach said in sharing time we have to keep our body clean. I saw a lady in Pak n Save with a tattoo on her chin.
Me: Yeah .. that's just gangsta.
Rome: None of this conversation explains why your tattoos are Japanese. 


Rome: Tyler has tattoo armpits.
Me: No she doesn't.
Rome: Yes she does. I saw them.
Me: What were they of?
Rome stops to think about that one.
Rome: I think I was meant to say Tyler has hairy armpits. Not tattoo armpits. Hairy.

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