Friday, January 17, 2014


As the summer holidays near their 2014 demise, ideas pop into grandparents and great-grandparents minds where they feel their angelic descendants require one last bang before school starts in 2 weeks. I don't believe in rewarding bad behaviour and that's all it's been these holidays. This one hates that one. That one doesn't want to play with this one. Every hour. Every day. Every week of the school holidays. So they were treated with a bouncy castle today.

Straight out of bed, Ngawi enjoyed 8 hours of bounce.

Hubba dressed for the occassion.

These 2 had a fight ...

... and she stomped home with the blues.

Then I told them all to get off so I could play on it.

I kept rolling to the corners and had to slide off like an uncoordinated anaconda.

Lunch time.

Threw Waimeas friend at our 85 year old grandmother .. lucky she has a pacemaker and doesn't swear. Reminded me of a Christmas when Larry gave his Mom a life sized fake rattlesnake in a Disney box

Hubba wanted to go home during the hour she was picked on.

They had the time of their lives.

Tyler got her 10 minute bounce before work.

And Shaily came later.

Let me show you how they spent the first 2 hours. It wasn't until I threatened to deflate it did the bouncing begin.

Very rarely do I spend much time at my Grandmothers with all the kids, but I had nothing better to do today.

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