Monday, January 27, 2014

Last Monday of Jan.

Day 1 for 2014 school for Hubba went off well. She had a 'fun day' and wasn't the only one crying at their parents feet. She actually didn't cry, she just watched closely so I wouldn't sneak away. I stayed for 45 minutes trying to fix computers there and when she found a bike and rode out of sight, I gapped it home. It will be a stop, drop and roll drop-off tomorrow. I have somewhere to be at 9.30am.

I thought of her crying all day. It made my day longer watching the clock and hoping she was ok. Usually I call, but if I heard her crying in the back I would have gone to pick her up and bring her home again.

I just need to win the lotto then she won't have to go to school (till she's 5) and I won't have to go to school. Until then, we're sticking with Plan B.

In other news.
I hate this song, with much passion, but I have to give her props tonight because she beat RiRi at the Grammys. She won 2 for the song that makes my skin crawl .. it's possible it's Lorde herself that makes my skin crawl. I couldn't look at the TV screen when she gave her acceptance speech .. nor could I understand her kiwi accent.

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