Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Mitchy!

I thought the Livians were weirdos all day yesterday and half of today because they spontaneously went to Auckland for no reason. It wasn't until after lunch that I remembered Mitchy is officially older than me today and they probably went for a happy birthday treat (not a treat if you take your kids). I sent her an apologetic text. I remembered all day yesterday, forgot today.
It's been a long day.

I won't tell you how I met Mitchy, officially, its a long story. I do remember she was wearing ravishing red with a headband to match. That was back in 1999.
We've been family ever since.

She'll tell you she's 28. That's about as truthful as me being 25. In 14 years, we've manufactured a friendship that is now a solid foundation of sisterhood. She may be a shopping addict and she may eat a suspicious amount of chocolate, she may not be the best at making fish cakes and the only person in the world, that I know of, who made noodle fritters, but she's a great addition to the chain that links us all to eternity.

Happy Birthday Mitchy!
I know you like this photo because you're Gold-Coast-skinny in it.

I could have be an a-hole and used this one instead from 2005 when you were all knocked up with Bebin.

I shall make you the best monkey bread ever .. when you decide to come home.

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