Tuesday, January 21, 2014

9 Years of Bebin.

Newborn Bebin.

2006 Bebin.

2007 Bebin in Australia.

2008 Bebin.

2009 Bebin home for the holidays in NZ.

2010 Bebin with a ratty.

2011 Bebin being a Bebin - just moved home from Australia.

2012 Bebin at Uncle Lazz's funeral.

2013 Bebin at cross country.

Jan 2014 Bebin.

Bebin is the only Craig child where I was in the delivery room to greet him when he exited. Nothing beautiful about it, but let's have 2 more Mitchy!
Happy Birthday Bebs!
You are my favourite nephew starting with a B and you're too old for presents.

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