Wednesday, January 22, 2014

6 days and counting.

The Livians bought back a dollhouse during their last Auckland trip. I like this one.. the first one broke because it was cardboard and the second one has become apart of the bath time toy bin. Not as stupid as the giant unicorn that lives in the shed.

We discovered Frozen over the weekend. We watched it yesterday and again today.
Do you want to build a snowman?

Bebins birthday cake.
Michy made it ..

.. and New World put it in a nice box for her.

Beating up older sister.

Mitchy and her visiting teaching companion are trying to compete with Tashi and I.

Thanks for my coffee table Livians.
I bet Papa he couldn't turn the light above my table into a hanging pendant lamp.

I like it.

I just want my house to look nice ..
.. I'm getting carried away with my addiction to Pinterest.

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Me said...

Daniel and I used to have dolls. We played "Town" with them. I usually committed genocide against his doll town members, and he would storm off saying he was never playing with me again.


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