Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This week.

Supposed to go to Auckland this weekend, but as the day dragged on, so did my decision. I'm just not feeling it.

Tomorrow I shoot the local schools class photos. There are only 3 classes at the school and all three have one or two of my nieces or nephews in them. 7 of the 16 attend. Poor school. I offered to do them pro bono because I know they just came off of a week long camp with the seniors and I don't recall any major fundraising through-out the year. They're a low decile school.

Here's a photo of my fridge.

Last week I low-carbed.
That only depressed me.
This week I'm going without meat.
I love fruit. All fruit. All raw fruit.
... and diet coke.
You can never go wrong with diet coke.

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