Sunday, December 29, 2013

The last Sabbath of 2013.

I didn't know church started at 9am today. Every other house on the street are participating members of the ward and there are only 4 streets to our community and people still didn't know. Didn't help I wagged church last week when it was announced, but in my defence, the week before they announced the new start was after the new year. Long story short, I spent an hour at church today.

A few people at church commented on Hubba's dress, which in the picture is the first one from the right next to the stethoscope. If there's one thing I hate about Sundays, it's wearing Sunday best and I adapted a tradition where if men can wear the same thing every Sunday, so can I .. and I do because it's uncomplicated. If you knew the phases of Sunday morning via the life of Tyler, you'll understand.

The joy of having sisters with daughters is that you get hand me downs. Another advantage Hubba has is that she is the baby of the family and has a Dad that will pull the moon from the sky with dental floss if he could. I put all her dresses in her drawers, but soon learned that ish needed to be ironed come Sunday morning. Needless to say I hung them up in my closet and she has enough dresses to see her with a different one on at church for 6 months and counting.

I tried to head her in a direction where she'd like cars and trucks aswell as dolls and pink and as much as I pushed a Spiderman toothbrush on her, she still uses the Hello Kitty one.
She's a girl. A girly girl and I'm a little disheartened that she won't wear her rugby pajamas unless she negotiates lipgloss into the mix.

Someone needs to clean my closet.

Not my sister, she'll steal from me.
Not Tashi, she'll organize it with crafts.
Not my Mum, she'll burn everything.
Not Tyler, it will never get done.
Not Michelle, she might find her husband in there.

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