Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Disco.

Even as a grown up, my Mum still tells me off if I don't want to do something and it still scares me a little bit into cooperating. One of my older brothers still cries when he gets told off .. probably both of them. In saying this, I had no choice but to go to the disco lastnight.
Tashi decorated the rose bush.

The Parentals are rocking a real tree this year.

Disco/Christmas decorations.

My nephews got orders to carry the cane couch out from the flat.
"Come on you boys be men and carry it"
"We're not men, we're women!"
I concur.

Ngawi dancing with his Mum.

The disco set up.

Craig kids.

A few kids missing, but there were 20 of them.

Hubba dancing.

Disco balls are out. Papa Greg bought a laser light strobe for the occassion that synced with the beat of the music.

Last song of the night was for Uncle Larry, thanks to Coral the DJ.
A Thousand Years.

It was all over by 11pm.
I hate to see them all when they're old enough to go clubbing.
To Auckland manana.

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