Monday, December 30, 2013

Surprise Bebin.

My sister rings me, no kidding, easily 10 times a day, probably more.
I answer maybe twice.
She didn't ring today and I didn't think much of it, but took it as sabbath day assuagement.
Surprise visit from Beeeebin! They arrived at 8pm or something.

Let me explain Bebin, because some have asked.
Went down to Mitchy's one day and the kids were just getting home from school. My 9 year old nephew Jeston was crying and after much consoling, we finally got it out of him what happened. He said the kids made up a name for him at school and he didn't like it. It upset him. When I asked who made it up, he said his sister Nessa and my other nephew, his cousin, Waimea. When I asked the name, he told us "Bebin".
I laughed and this made him laugh. Then I started referring to him as Bebin.
"So Bebin, how was school today?" etc.
Now he likes it.

When I questioned Nessa about the name, she had the giggles, but their plan backfired because he doesn't care about the name now after talking about it and Shaily, ever the big sister, nicknamed Ness Meeba and it angers her at the best of times.

When Drayden-Reid was born we weren't allowed to nickname him anything. So I started calling him Bebin and every time I said it, he'd smile.

So now there is Uncle Bebin (my brother Jeston), Little Bebin (my nephew Jeston) and Baby Bebin (the baby pictured).
It all worked out perfect.

Baby Bebin is here to spend the new year with his favorite Aunty.

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