Monday, December 23, 2013


The novelty of the popcorn machine is the best part. If we waited for the whole thing to be filled up with popped kernals, we would have been standing there half the day. We were patient enough to wait for a cup full.

These two.

This is what a cup will get you after 15 minutes.

Imagine it. Hubba trying to climb atop of Winston, the dogs, play toy while Rome sings Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball.

Mozzie season. They go for the ankles at the parentals house, so I asked Jeston if he would sit under the table with a citronella coil so I don't get bit.
"Ok, what will you give me?"
"Moral support and good cheer"
"Yeeesss! I saw that at KMart and asked Dad for one. It was by the Bionicles"

Sometimes nephews are stupid. Another example, and I know he doesn't read the blog so it's ok, his mother told him she'd get him a giant tech deck for christmas.
She got him a full sized skateboard and he fell for it.

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