Monday, December 2, 2013

Nursing School and 2014.

Nursing School begins mid Feb. I'm looking forward to doing something next year. I took my year off after Larry died and now it's back into doing something, something that will benefit long term.

There are alot of scholarships for Maori going into the health field to study and several people have told me to exhaust them all.

... in July, my sister, sis-in-laws and 2 nieces and I are planning a 3-Day retreat away from the norm. Get away from all the kids, Bebin excluded, and VEGE.
Excited for that too.

Save and study - 2014.

3 Craig kids are away on camp this week in Rotorua. I was scared for them going away for 5 days without any of us. Their parents were opposite to how I felt ... let freedom ring.

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