Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy December.

What are you doing!?
I'm playing with this thing. I think this is how it works. What is it?
It's a tape! It goes into the stereo! It's for your Aladdin book!
But what does it do?
It plays music.
No. iPods play music.

Tis the season and by that I mean Christ's birth celebration and berry season. I do not like berries. Berries remind me of summer time in NZ, not why I don't like them. I just don't.

Discovered she loves strawberries (take note Mitchy!) when she ate a whole punnet herself yesterday and today.

She didn't even want her usual favorite ... bananer.

Hearty breakfast ..

... at home.

Strawberries, cream & splenda makes a delish dessert, even for one who hates berries.

I also hate yogurt and carrots.
23 days till Christmas.

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Me said...

i miss berries :(

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