Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013 & Happy New Year!

Groups for our ward are arranged in families to clean the chapel every other month. I thought I was the only one in the chapel last month when I started singing, over the podium, Madonna's "Like a Virgin".

Relayed the story to my Mum and sister tonight where it ended with the Stake President walking in to the sacrament hall to make himself known. All in fun and laughter .. albeit, not the right place for such a song, but it's the basis for today's post.

I made it through the wilderness ...
I took the year off to settle into my life as a widow and it's come to an end. 
I made it through.

I've adjusted because I know I'll have him again.
.. and your mine, I'll be yours till the end of time.

All I want for 2014, is no dramas and happiness. I've also retired my hand written journals and will blog daily for record keeping's sake.
Shiny and new.

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