Thursday, December 26, 2013

Chrstmas 2013

Rough night being sick last night. We woke up early because for some unknown reason, Santa wanted to deliver Tylers Christmas present at 6am. Decided to open all the presents then took down the Christmas tree and packed it away (I always do this) before we all crawled back in to bed for a few more hours.

Hubba ripped all her gifts open and wasn't interested in any of them. She just wanted to go back to bed and sleep.

We had pancakes for brunch here. If I had had my way today, I would have cancelled out on everything because I'm still sick, but I needed to be a trooper for the rest of the family. Dinner with The Livians tonight.

I wish I was more enthusiastic today, but I can't reiterate enough how bad I feel. I spent most of the day at home alone sleeping it off. I could use another 10 hours of sleep.

Too much fuss goes into Christmas. The good thing about living here is that every day is Christmas, we always get together ... next year may be the year we do it in our own homes without eachother. This year was just a little blah because of being sick.

Goodbye NZ Christmas.
Merry US Christmas!

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