Saturday, December 7, 2013


It's beginning to look alot like Christmas and by that I mean, too many shoppers and less kids in school. You know how I feel about school holidays.

At a primary meeting a few nights ago we discussed having a christmas party for the kids. This will not be happening because there isn't enough time to plan anything. I don't even know if our ward is doing anything. We solve the absense of activities in our ward with 'linger longer' shared lunches. I've never been to one because of that reason. Instead, for primary at least, we'll have something on the Sunday before Christmas during sharing time. I love my ward because of all the people in it, but we can't pull anything together without a little drama and lack of support.

Christmas Eve my house is spending with my cousin and her fiance where we'll eat and secret santa eachother. Then home to see Christmas in with The Livians & Parentals.

Iron Maori today in Napier.
Tyler & Demps have work and weren't able to participate.

Yesterday I visited my Aunty. One of my cousins is in her 2nd year of nursing and gave me a few of her year 1 books. I saved $500 getting those books and they're all densely annotated like the Half- Blood-Prince's potions book. I'll begin reading them over the christmas season.

The child has a cyst on her gum. I've read up about it over the last hour and it's a common thing for one who's had trauma to the area. Fortunately, there are 2 dentists in the area - one still studying - and both were able to tell me it's something that can wait till Monday if there is no pain.

It's Saturday.
Time to find some friends for the rest of the day.

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