Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Dinner Take 2.

I forgot to take photos of Christmas dinner 1 when we were in Auckland. Sister isn't coming down during the festivities so we had an impromptu Christmas dinner with them on Monday night. I was too busy avoiding kitchen duties to take photos. Someone had to look after Bebin.

The Farmers are leaving during the weekend to spend Christmas in the Wairarapa with Tashi's peeps, so we had our 2nd dinner tonight and tried out the round table. It fit 11 of us with room to spare. Tashi's chandelier.

Nganz pimped wheelchair.

Agee jars, candles and rope and you have yourself a rustic chandy.

The Livians. (not removing it Mitchy)



The Farmers.
Tashi roasted Manu the pig. Wild boar is good.


Shaily, Tyler and Meeba.

The Thanksgiving juices.

Chandy again.

The set up by night at the Parentals.

Hubba thought she'd be brave tonight and stayed with Papa Greg while I went late night shopping.
Thought I scored myself a new babysitter, but no.

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Me said...

Your chandelier is very Portland ;)

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