Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Auckland One.

Post from Monday:
Thunderstorms are rare in Hawkes Bay, but we caught a tasty one heading out of Bay View last night. It was like the Apocalypse. Never seen anything like it before.
Stopped in to see the Temple lights last night. Did all I could to hide myself from CCNZ Alumni I went to school with. Avoided eye contact. It does the trick.

Spent the day shop hopping .. everyone else shopped and I yelled at the kids.
Manukau mall.

Hubba got her ears pierced! The negotiation was almost a fail.

It was when the butterfly got stuck did she feel some pain, but now she looks cuter than before.

Bebiiiiin ... 3 months.

Laughs with Aunty.

Shai's thinks he looks at her the way he does because he thinks she's pretty. I think it's the yellow stains on her teeth that he can't look away from.

Dress Mart.

Surprised it was as empty as it was today given there's 8 days till christmas.

This one got dropped off at home because she wouldn't listen, and by that I mean, she almost got hit by a car for not listening.

Hubba and the apple sorbet.

Christmas dinner this evening with the StrongArms then to the airport to retrieve Brother.


Me said...

i remember when i got my ears pierced, i wanted to get them done when i was younger but i had to wait until i think it was 8. lucky girl :)

Me said...

also you are the only other person i have ever heard refer to their brother as "brother". daniel and i just call eachother brother and sister.

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