Tuesday, December 3, 2013


There's no such thing as blogging too much, especially when you know there are family away from home who depend on this ish.
Lunch time. She wanted strawberries in her sandwich, whole. Told her to dip her berries in the yogurt. She dipped her chips and salted her berries.

After 2 cans, this didn't give me any kind of kick. Can't believe how excited we were in Pak N Save to see it on the shelves. I called the number on the can to let them know, but when a foreigner answered, I didn't feel like repeating myself and hung up.

For Aunty Ness.


I dislike, very much, babysitting him. I always groan when he asks to stay.
Don't let the one leg fool you, he's a tormentor!

Dinner table christmas tree.

Did something constructive tonight and cleaned my top cupboards. As Tyler passed down dinnerware, a cup full of chili seeds fell out all over the floor. Larry had hid them from me. He collected them from chili's his Mom sent and was probably going to sprinkle them in the garden last summer. The fumes of thousands of seeds scattered across the kitchen floor made my eyes water.

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