Thursday, November 7, 2013


Lost my mojo trying to turn a pinterest picture into reality.
It wasn't happening.
My creative juices were not flowing.
For the record, we do not have a Trader Joes here .. it's my bag for 'stuff'.

Manimal child and her swollen face. We went to the dentist today who said her teeth are going to be fine. The Doctor said the impact hit the right side of her face more than her teeth. It's something she has to sit out. In the meantime, she's susceptible to infection and should just stay home.

Bruising. The binky is going to help pull her teeth back out, so she's been granted full 24-hour access to it for the week.

Probably 2 sets of LEDs and it will do for the Thanksgiving centerpieces.
Sis in Law, Tashi, is more passionate about crafts than I am.
She'll correct it.

A year ago I took this photo. Probably the last photo of him excluding hospital and ambulance photos.

The Old English roses are in bloom right on time. I picked the only 2 that were on the bush this morning and they make the whole house a little more brighter.

Miss ya mate!

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