Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Photoshoot.

Didn't pan out like it should have. I invited one sister in law with her 4 kids, but she didn't arrive, but the show must go on! It was a busy day in The Bay today and Pa Wars wooed the family more than the photoshoot did.
It was to be a great opportunity to get all 16 of the grandkids together for a photo together, but we were missing 4. One family travelled from Australia during the week and my sister arrived lastnight.
Sisters kids.

Baby brothers kids.

Big brothers kids.

La casa de Shultz.

.. with 2 imposters.

The tight 12.

No baby.

Love these monkeys, mucho.


Me said...

Tyler, hubba, and who are the other shultz girls?

CamillaS said...

Shaily and Larell.

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