Sunday, November 3, 2013

The first Sabbath of Nov.

Ready for worship.

Shaily and I checkd out Carls Jr this evening yesterday.

Not sure I'll go there again .. only because something in the drive way scraped the bottom of Vecci and a broken car is not worth a Ranch Chicken Burger and an Oreo shake .. not even if it's large.

Had Nessa's and Hubba's birthday cake before Livian goes back to Australia tomorrow.

Nice one Tyler ...


3D glasses.

Darrell Reid visited.

.. and there were more crackers.

Shops started to sell fireworks yesterday. People stock up because NZ is a little anal about when you can sell them. We use to fashion guns out of pipes when we were younger and play war with eachother on the streets here launching roman candles from them .. those days are over because it's now 'dangerous'.

No one lost an eye in my era from it.
It's all goods.

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Me said...

Fireworks are boring here too now, even here where it rains literally all the time, its a fire hazard. Moss grows on vehicles! Its not a fire hazard. But you can also just kip over to the Indian rez or to Canada and get the illegal ones super cheap.

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