Thursday, November 14, 2013

Staying Home.

Stayed home all day today. She was scheduled to have one last x-ray on her teeth, but Tuesday's one was enough. The binky has bought her two front teeth forward.

Effort will be spent weaning her from it again.

Tyler, who is house sitting this week, came and spent a few hours.

Getting a touch of life with just us two kinda sucked.

Have you heard of the 6 degrees of separation? It's a theory that everyone and everything is 6 steps, or less, away from each other in the world. For example, one time at a wrap party in Beverly Glen, CA, Estelle Harris needed a ride home, so we took her. I sat in the back with her listening to how she lived a bi-coastal life.
Me - Estelle Harris - Tom Hanks - Matt Damon - Ben Affleck - Brad Pitt.
This one is better.
Me - Hika Elliot - Richie McCaw.
The End.

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