Friday, November 1, 2013

Hello November.

Woke up this morning to a milestone of a day. Hubba spending her first night away from home in nearly a year. She knew about this a few days before and was very excited and energetic about it.

She packed her bag this morning and knew the drop off would take place after we picked Nan & Papa up from the airport. Thanks Papa for the Mrs. Higgins cookies!

Tyler went off to a YSA Halloween Dance at the Napier chapel.
A childless evening! I looked forward to it all day.

The following text from Michelle at 7.30pm.

... and that's how it ends.
Fast asleep in her own bed.
(I really hate LOL, but there's nothing else to use in it's place without saying "I am so laughing right now")

I knew she wouldn't do it. She's too set in her ways, but I think everyone was looking forward to her spending the night, especially Rome.
Happy NZ Birthday to Ariel!

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Me said...

Thanks!! We did some photography.

Happy time to yourself :-)

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