Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Finding your constant.

Something is wrong when your world belongs to someone else before it belongs to you. Hawkes Bay has had it's fair share of suicides over the last few years and they've all been youth who have had relationship woes.

You're going to fall in love a lot in your life and in those moments its going to feel like there is nothing else in the world that will undo those impressions. It will feel like the one you are with is your one in a million ... and you will feel that way about the next 3 or 4 before you actually find the compatiable one.

I've told my nieces before .. you grow in love, you don't fall. Falling is a negative and it's complete and without understanding. Growing is gradual and offers room for progression and learning. Wouldn't you much rather steadily work at something rather than throw yourself at it's feet, crossing your fingers? This only leads to a disdain for oneself.

Love is a journey undertaken by those ready and willing to do the work necessary to manoeuvre through the storms. Love is not an easy way out when the venture gets rough.

Love my growing nieces and nephews a little more today.

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Me said...

love is like sailing a boat to somewhere beautiful not jumping off a cliff.

scenario one: its tough, tricky, takes some getting usd to, but fun, and challengin and you learn and grow, and you get where you were going with more than what you had.

scenario two: you get a rush adn hit rock bottom.

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