Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Time & Super Fun Nights.

The christmas tree is up and I'm unintentionally rocking MAC colours.

Still got my icicles/crack pipes I bought back from the US. None broke last year, I'm expecting some to break this year because of where the tree is situated.

The topper.

Blue and white lights make the house cold. It's a relief on a hot summer evening. All my tree is missing is white spiral candy canes that I got from WalMart one year.

We started a super fun night list to place in a jar and randomly pull out. There are only 3 participants and the 'fun nights' range from staying home and sitting in darkness to inviting ourselves to someones house for potluck. We'll be placing ward members names in a jar too for random selection on nights like this. We've also decided to record it all on video.
I just need a Flip Mino because Tashi ran over mine and smashed it a few years ago.

Dear Hubba,
Believe you me when I say you are going to Kohanga tomorrow. Even if you scratch my legs to the bone in an attempt to stay home, it's not going to work.
Me in the next room.
PS. Stop crying and go to sleep.

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