Sunday, November 17, 2013

3am Rugby.

This was the battle I'd waited 12 months for. England was the only team the All Blacks lost to last year so they had something to prove this year.

Every ball England played had me on edge because they bought the pressure. Every play the ABs made gave me butterflies because the English were aggressive and kept pushing. As half time neared, the feeling of wanting to vomit emerged as NZ played with one in the sin bin, despite their 22-16 lead.

It was a game that had power. A game that was open to go either way and England closed that gap quickly because black gave away penalties, but NZ was guaranteed a victory with Savea's try and a penalty kick, thanks to Cruden.  The Hillary Shield was reclaimed and if they win against Ireland next weekend they'll be the first professional international rugby team in a calendar year to go undefeated.

30-22 The All Blacks.
Worth the 3.30am wake up.

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