Thursday, November 28, 2013

12 years of Thanksgiving.

2000 we went to Denny's in Canyon Country.
2001 we had a Sushi Thanksgiving in Venura.
2002. My first Thanksgiving that I made myself .. couldn't cook back then and pulled it off without food poisoning anyone.

2003 we were sick.
2004 we were invited to a ward members house.
2005 with Fiorenza & Merian in San Jose. I thought I had a photo of them both with Larry, but I couldn't find it.


2007 at home by ourselves in Acton.

El Salvadorian for 2008.

2009 we had Japanese style baked lobster and we had our first Thanksgiving in NZ.

2010, surgery to remove the line from his neck after the first tenckhoff.

2011. At my parentals house.
Larry was sick after haemo for 6 hours.


I'm tempted to go into town to buy stuff and have something tonight, just us in our house, but I type this at noon still in my pajamas.

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