Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I owned Wacky Wednesday today. When I have something to do, it's a stressful affair. I had several things to do today. The most important one I had to cancel because of timing. Before I get into Wednesday, Tuesday was Breakers Tuesday.
The crispy mushrooms (that taste like KFC) and the tempura onions are the best part.
The schnitzel was ok.

Hubba had a dental appointment today. She had a bit of work done on her back bottom molars. She was Squirmy Smurf when she got the drill, but she was a champ. She liked the banana flavored fluoride. The dental nurse said the binky has to go, so we got her 2 more today. You have to make use of any device that will shut them up.
I'm just keeping it real yo.

Photoshoot tonight with .. Smokestack Ligtning aka. my cousins who I must give a shout out to on the blog.

And a shameless plug.

What I cancelled was my shots for the nursing app. I should have gone. Now I have to wait till next week.

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