Saturday, October 12, 2013

Why this post?

Because I don't want her to forget how much he loves her and she him.
When he'd walk towards her from behind the camera.

When he'd peek at her from the front seat.

When she slept.

When they'd talk.

On a lunch date together.

Laying on his dialysis draining bag in the hospital.

Watching birds.

Sitting in the park.

Even at a photoshoot.

When he'd look at her.

When she'd look at him.


Sharing grapes (Last photo together).

After the funeral, when we came home and he wasn't there anymore .. she found her solace in Nan (my mum).

Miss him today and every day!

PS: She's fully potty trained! 2 nights without pull-ups and NO accidents.
Sometimes she wastes my time telling me she wants to go to the toilet then just sits there and smiles back at me not completing a transaction. Great to no more pull-ups. They're expensive.

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El Dee said...

Those things ARE expensive!! My 4.5 year old has been daytime trained for a while now but night has always been a problem for her. But we've had dry nights for about two months. THANK goodness! I understand your joy! ;-)

LOVED the memory pictures! :)

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