Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Thanksgiving next month we'll celebrate on the 24th, which also marks a year since Larry died. It went quick and it wasn't as hard as people told me it would be. Until then, it's a busy month ahead top 3 priorities being, Nursing application complete, Primary Presentation at church and Thanksgiving. Due to trips to Auckland, conference and straight up wagging, I haven't been to church for a while. Sitting down at our Tuesday girls lunch today made me miss everyone at church - don't know why. Our ward needs a dynamite, but sometimes that comes in the form of actually attending .. and singing .. and participating. That's where we all fall short. It would help if we had regular activities and not one every 6 months. Ward Karaoke Roulette! Best idea ever.

It's a year that's gone fast.
I hope the next three go just as fast.
Michelle and I have planned a graduation trip for ourselves after school.
Looking forward to it.

... it's only Tuesday.

Tashi, your turn for a wacky Wednesday. Michelle has physio and Hubba has a dental appointment! I am so sorry.

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