Friday, October 25, 2013

To Aukalani

We set our leaving time for 9am. Then 10am. We left at 11am.
Left Tyler at home because she has a busy Friday. Job interview and performance at the Opera house.
She text us just short of Taupo to say she landed the job.
We stopped in Taupo for lunch.

NZ sells Arrowhead water and it's cheaper than NZ water.

Stopped in Temple View for some Mama's Donuts.

They're not Krispy Kreme, but they're pretty close!

Apparently, the actual shop has different flavors.
We got ours from the caravan vender in The View.

Arrived in Auckland just after 5pm, in time for the Night Markets at Hunters.

I made a beeline for the dumplings.

After seeing ducks in Taupo, Hubba and Rome weren't too happy to see Ducks in Auckland.

Churros .. made by non Spaniards.
I did not try them.
I cannot do that to the Spanish Pasteleros.

This table amused me because they all claimed to be pure juices, but the Just Juice and Keri bottles were sitting off to the side in clear view.
Shai, the dumbo, got a strawberry one.

Chicken and Lamb kebabs.

Steamed pork buns.

Crab & Octopus balls.

Spot Michelle.

Lamb and venison kebabs.

I had to double back for this shot.
Dolls creep me out. Backward dolls one up that.

Lots and lots of rings.

I need water.
Auckland water taste like swimming pool water.

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