Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday in Auckland.

Breakfast with the StrongArms.
The Livians got a motel for the night (because Michelle has a zoo of kids).

The sign on the website didn't say BUDGET and they didn't offer Free WiFi .. and the owners had an argument at the front desk and scared Michelle.
No recommendations here.

K-Mart had a sale today.

Gymnastics girls.

.. spot the oddball.

I had a boy in my bed this morning.

Lunch at Allenby park.

Pizza pie.

We're supposed to go home tonight, but that's not happening.
We (my sister and herself) gave The Livians (parents) a get out of jail free card for the night and Michelle booked a hotel.
Say it with me.


Maarns said...

Love reading your blogs Mella. Send my love to the family and late congrats to Furness and Joel. Baby is yummy

Me said...

Every single expression of hub as face is fantastic. Shes way beyond fierce, she's a lion or something :-) I love it.

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