Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rural Sat.

It's becoming a habit. On Saturdays I go down to my Parentals place and chillax ... only if my mum is home or my brother. If not, I house hop between there, here and Michelles. Hubba enjoys being a farmer too, so when she and Tyler woke up from their 3 hour nap .. we headed down the road.
The fruit trees at my grandmothers are pumping.
These are white flesh peaches.

Plums. Last year they were the size of golf balls. The year before, baseballs.


The boys went camping at Waimarama with the Elders Quorum lastnight. That ish is right up my brothers alley. He's like a dooms day prepper with the bare essentials.
For Aunty Ness.

Ice-block season.

Dos ninos, tres piernas y sin orejas.

Kong - the red nose pittbull.

Salty-Boy found the camp butter.

In 2 months, the green will change to brown as the dry season begins.

The farmers ute. His dogs are away being trained to hunt pigs. That's the only reason he got the ute. To take his dogs pig hunting. I shot a pigeon today. Screamed as it fell from the tree and apologsed to it, but they are pests. Very thankful that Tashi is gangsta and picked it up and took it away.

All Blacks carved it up tonight against the Wallabies.
Sam Cane a man after my own heart. The All Blacks may not need McCaw after tonight.
I've blasphemed.
I didn't mean what I said about McCaw.

Mealamu, what a legend.

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